The “Wolf of Wall Street” is trash…Scorsese must be desperate …Wolf of Wall Street is long , boring and disturbing. One of the worst movies of the year.***Spoiler Alert***

 I just recently viewed the “Wolf of Wall Street “and it is unequivocally one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This movie is total trash, a desperate attempt to make money by pandering to our worst voyeur tendencies. After evaluating the garbage the film industry is producing these days, if Hollywood were a stock I would short every share of it immediately.

  I am a former Wall Streeter who was in the middle of the “Gold Rush” that has now come to an ugly conclusion. I never saw any of the garbage depicted in this piece of rubbish.
   There was a great deal of honest, hardworking people in the industry who went home to their families every night. Obviously (and I know this first-hand) even some of these people made mistakes. We basically made bad decisions driven by the greed of the era. Yet if you would believe Scorsese the financial industry is populated by the vilest skunks imaginable. Maybe Martin is confusing Wall Street with the flotsam he associates with in Bel Air.
  Scorsese’s Wolf, and his minions, are New York trash at its worse and the reason why New York is in a rapid decline. Scorsese has basically made a soft porn flick in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. If these guys did do all of the unmentionable acts glamorized in this debacle than they are what they are, lowlife animals who ultimately became rats when the ship started sinking….typical of that type of human.
  You cannot blame the Government for going after Wall Street after viewing this movie. It is definitely an indictment on the whole system. Even if a small percentage of the chicanery portrayed in Wolf happened than it should be cleansed immediately and forever. Long live the Volcker Rule, may it be applied strenuously.
 Save your money and time and avoid this spectacle at all costs. Do not poison your brain with this mindless tripe. Even the movie “Caligula” had more of a point. However, if your into reliving the excesses of the Eighties, and you want to experience what it feels like to be involved with degenerates with money in their greedy hands, by all means go see Wolf.
The only redeeming factor of Wolf is that it will continue to spur a much needed enema of the Financial Industry, as well as convince decent people to reject the miserable, money hungry, vermin who make movies in Hollywood.
The SmartGuy.
*****Spoiler Alert***** – Sample of scenes you want to consider before you view this travesty:
-Jonah Hill’s character self-satisfying himself in front of his wife , and a room full of people (if you can call them that) over a cheap blonde at a Hampton s party.
-Jonah Hill and Decaprio fornicating, at the same time, with a sales assistant, in a company office.(Same assistant pleasured another broker in a glassed lobby elevator in front of the entire firm)
-Decaprio snorting a drug out of the derriere of a hooker.

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