The SmartGuy’s Top 10 Issues that will decide the 2012 Presidential Election.

10. Can the average voter get over the fact that Romney will end entitlement programs as we know it?
When Paul Ryan speaks of “block grants”, that is fancy French for a severe limit on all social programs. In fact this is a complete rollback of the “Great Society”.
9. Does the swing voter blame our Economic straits on the Bush 2, Clinton, Bush1 or Obama administration?
8. Who can best resolve the Housing Crisis, in a way that is suitable to both delinquent lenders and those that are current? Who can do this without offending either constituency?
7. Can Obama’s bailout of the U.S. Auto Industry carry the day in the big “rust belt” swing states?
6. Do voters really believe that Romney knows how to create more jobs? Is private equity really a launching pad to the top office?
5. Do woman voters feel more comfortable with Barack’s’ professorial demeanor, or are they looking for Mitts’ can-do determination? Which persona subconsciously plays better to the average female undecided?
4. Can Obama withstand a “media pushback” that results from his stance that Israel in not our top foreign priority? The geopolitical landscape is changing and Obama understands that, can Romney convey the same thoughtfulness. U.S. casualties and astronomic energy prices beg for a new look at a very old and tired problem.
3. Can the average Catholic, and there are 77 million of them, get over Obama’s pro-choice stance?
Will this voter be perturbed by the Health-Care mandate? This is uncharted territory given that the Bishops are ready to go to jail over this?
2. Can Romney overcome the U.S. Electorate’s predilection for a bifurcated Executive/Judicial power structure given the GOP’s lead in the Congressional/Senate races?
1. Romney’s still unexplained Mormon influence versus Obama’s ethnicity .The former is eerie; the latter is something Americans feel good about and they should .At least we have progressed, as a nation, and are seeing beyond a person’s skin color.
Las Vegas Line: Obama is the favorite (1to2 payoff) over a Romney payoff of 3 to 2.

Our pick Obama by 12% electorally, as of today


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