Goldman killed the NYSE and now we have this..Propoganda at its best…..Rebounding From 9/11, Lower Manhattan Enjoys Population Growth –

How comfortable can you be when terrorists are constantly targeting lower Manhattan. Try going there on a hot summer night , its like swimming in a cesspool . You need a Xanax just to get going. This is” New Yorker “propaganda trying to attract buyers from the burbs,Pa. and Ohio.
Listen Mayor Bloomy , when Goldy killed the NYSE it also killed all of the ancillary revenues that went along with it .Now New York is the wannabe capital ,not the capital of commerce.Big Winners…the BRIC countries.



  1. try the PATH from WTC as people escape from downtown…. makes the airlines’ cattle !seats look positively generous in comparison

    • I agree , it is amazing when you consider the lengths people will go in order to live a fantasy. These characters should take a trip to a major European city. Only then can they see what real sophistication is.
      New York is full of self-congratulatory lemmings. Isn’t that how most empires fail?

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