SEP 9 An open letter to Mitt Romney from a Christian.This is what you need to do if you want to be President.

An open letter to Mitt Romney from a Christian.This is what you need to do if you want to be President.

What Mitt Romney needs to do is to capture the dialogue and heart of America .Christians make up over 85% of the country! He needs to do the following immediately:

1.       Be clear, and take a firm stance, about protecting life. That means euthanasia, unnecessary military conflicts and most important, abortion.Every party loses when fifty four million babies have been lost since Roe v. Wade.There is not a rational soul who does not bear tremendous guilt when complicit with this act. Come up with a better way and slow down this holocaust. It affects the conscience of every Christian. Abortion is not an “issue” it’s filicide , plain and simple. We just heard Romney speak on “Meet the Press” and he totally waffled on this issue.He threw it back to the Supreme Court .Protect the poor, the indigent, the old and the unborn Mitt. That is how you inspire people beyond the “news cycle”.This is the type of game changer that you desperately need.It cuts beyond dollars and cents.
2.    Cease the talk about cutting entitlements, now!!! Obama has a clear lead on this issue and rightly so .The poor need to be helped. Block grants are nothing more than a clever way to take away sustenance to those who need it most. Spend less overseas and more at home. Protect those in Mississippi and West Virginia before you worry about Afghanistan, Israel or  developing nations. Put a lid on Paul Ryan, he sounds like a kid on Student government asking for more homework.He is scrambling your message,he is neither fish nor fowl.There is a reason that fooling with Medicare is called the “third rail” of politics.You will lose Florida ,and that loss will seal the deal for the opposition.
3.       Give us a clear plan to solve the foreclosure crisis and that may mean cutting mortgage balances “across the board”. That means every mortgage to some extent .In this sense every homeowner benefits.We bailed out the banks and GM now how about the common American..Without this vital move our economy is stalled in neutral. It would also inspire our European allies in that we are making the hard choices.Combine this with a comprehensive program to reduce student loan balances, thus encouraging education ,and you are making real strides.
                 We have much more to say and this is just a start .Also please stay off that boat, no one cares how much money you made in private equity. Given what happened in the economy over the last two decades it only raises more questions.
 These are the issues that affect those in the pews .They make up the overwhelming majority and their needs have to be addressed. It is impossible to succeed and to ignore our Creator.When you try to you are ultimately doomed to failure.

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