Congratulations Archbishop Timothy Dolan on your elevation to Cardinal.

Congratulations, Archbishop Dolan on you elevation to Cardinal. !!! We congratulate Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s elevation to Cardinal. Archbishop Dolan is truly a man who loves life, he radiates that glow in everything he does and says. As president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, he has taken a strong stance against Roe v. Wade and its effect on every aspect of our existence .This includes the latest controversy regarding the new federal edict mandating sterilization and contraception coverage in all health care plans.The fact is that beyond the beauty and pageantry that symbolizes a priest’s elevation as a Prince of the Church let us applaud what this man and so many clergy stand for, the right to live. This is a right that supersedes all other human rights.Yes Cardinal Dolan is a man who readily embraces and loves life and that is one of the reasons why he is so appealing. However let us also take a moment to realize and appreciate what that love for life actually means. Congratulations Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

via What a Smart Guy -Edward Strafaci.


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