The “Wolf of Wall Street” is trash…Scorsese must be desperate …Wolf of Wall Street is long , boring and disturbing. One of the worst movies of the year.***Spoiler Alert***

 I just recently viewed the “Wolf of Wall Street “and it is unequivocally one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This movie is total trash, a desperate attempt to make money by pandering to our worst voyeur tendencies. After evaluating the garbage the film industry is producing these days, if Hollywood were a stock I would short every share of it immediately.

  I am a former Wall Streeter who was in the middle of the “Gold Rush” that has now come to an ugly conclusion. I never saw any of the garbage depicted in this piece of rubbish.
   There was a great deal of honest, hardworking people in the industry who went home to their families every night. Obviously (and I know this first-hand) even some of these people made mistakes. We basically made bad decisions driven by the greed of the era. Yet if you would believe Scorsese the financial industry is populated by the vilest skunks imaginable. Maybe Martin is confusing Wall Street with the flotsam he associates with in Bel Air.
  Scorsese’s Wolf, and his minions, are New York trash at its worse and the reason why New York is in a rapid decline. Scorsese has basically made a soft porn flick in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. If these guys did do all of the unmentionable acts glamorized in this debacle than they are what they are, lowlife animals who ultimately became rats when the ship started sinking….typical of that type of human.
  You cannot blame the Government for going after Wall Street after viewing this movie. It is definitely an indictment on the whole system. Even if a small percentage of the chicanery portrayed in Wolf happened than it should be cleansed immediately and forever. Long live the Volcker Rule, may it be applied strenuously.
 Save your money and time and avoid this spectacle at all costs. Do not poison your brain with this mindless tripe. Even the movie “Caligula” had more of a point. However, if your into reliving the excesses of the Eighties, and you want to experience what it feels like to be involved with degenerates with money in their greedy hands, by all means go see Wolf.
The only redeeming factor of Wolf is that it will continue to spur a much needed enema of the Financial Industry, as well as convince decent people to reject the miserable, money hungry, vermin who make movies in Hollywood.
The SmartGuy.
*****Spoiler Alert***** – Sample of scenes you want to consider before you view this travesty:
-Jonah Hill’s character self-satisfying himself in front of his wife , and a room full of people (if you can call them that) over a cheap blonde at a Hampton s party.
-Jonah Hill and Decaprio fornicating, at the same time, with a sales assistant, in a company office.(Same assistant pleasured another broker in a glassed lobby elevator in front of the entire firm)
-Decaprio snorting a drug out of the derriere of a hooker.

The SmartGuy’s Top 10 Issues that will decide the 2012 Presidential Election.

10. Can the average voter get over the fact that Romney will end entitlement programs as we know it?
When Paul Ryan speaks of “block grants”, that is fancy French for a severe limit on all social programs. In fact this is a complete rollback of the “Great Society”.
9. Does the swing voter blame our Economic straits on the Bush 2, Clinton, Bush1 or Obama administration?
8. Who can best resolve the Housing Crisis, in a way that is suitable to both delinquent lenders and those that are current? Who can do this without offending either constituency?
7. Can Obama’s bailout of the U.S. Auto Industry carry the day in the big “rust belt” swing states?
6. Do voters really believe that Romney knows how to create more jobs? Is private equity really a launching pad to the top office?
5. Do woman voters feel more comfortable with Barack’s’ professorial demeanor, or are they looking for Mitts’ can-do determination? Which persona subconsciously plays better to the average female undecided?
4. Can Obama withstand a “media pushback” that results from his stance that Israel in not our top foreign priority? The geopolitical landscape is changing and Obama understands that, can Romney convey the same thoughtfulness. U.S. casualties and astronomic energy prices beg for a new look at a very old and tired problem.
3. Can the average Catholic, and there are 77 million of them, get over Obama’s pro-choice stance?
Will this voter be perturbed by the Health-Care mandate? This is uncharted territory given that the Bishops are ready to go to jail over this?
2. Can Romney overcome the U.S. Electorate’s predilection for a bifurcated Executive/Judicial power structure given the GOP’s lead in the Congressional/Senate races?
1. Romney’s still unexplained Mormon influence versus Obama’s ethnicity .The former is eerie; the latter is something Americans feel good about and they should .At least we have progressed, as a nation, and are seeing beyond a person’s skin color.
Las Vegas Line: Obama is the favorite (1to2 payoff) over a Romney payoff of 3 to 2.

Our pick Obama by 12% electorally, as of today

Stop being manipulated and start doing your homework .Rupert Murdoch nor the Sulzbergers should make up your mind….you should. It is your responsibility as a U.S. citizen.

We have abdicated our responsibilities as citizens by accepting both the conservative and liberal views of political issues.
We are sick and tired of a liberal/conservative bias that permeates the media. More and more, every day we see the juxtaposition of a liberal view (The New York Times and Bill Maher as a prime example) and the conservative pull (witness the Wall Street Journal and Rush “Limbaugh).
What this country needs is an unfettered look at the political landscape, one that presents the issues free of editorialist slant. Americans need to demand actual facts and stop looking for an opinion that salves our self-righteousness. Why are we taking our political advice from a bunch of  wonky hacks? We need to clearly understand the issues and hold our leaders responsible for their promises… beyond the news cycle.
America is suffering for precisely this reason. We are accepting the common view and moving on. It has become the” culture of celebrity” and media force feeding us our views. The Kardashians and the New Jersey Housewives? Gone are the days of Eisenhower and the Roosevelt’s.
Stop being manipulated and start doing your homework .Rupert Murdoch nor the Sulzbergers should make up your mind….you should. It is your responsibility as a U.S. citizen.

Goldman killed the NYSE and now we have this..Propoganda at its best…..Rebounding From 9/11, Lower Manhattan Enjoys Population Growth –

How comfortable can you be when terrorists are constantly targeting lower Manhattan. Try going there on a hot summer night , its like swimming in a cesspool . You need a Xanax just to get going. This is” New Yorker “propaganda trying to attract buyers from the burbs,Pa. and Ohio.
Listen Mayor Bloomy , when Goldy killed the NYSE it also killed all of the ancillary revenues that went along with it .Now New York is the wannabe capital ,not the capital of commerce.Big Winners…the BRIC countries.

Mitt Romney’s video gaffe should serve as a warning to all those who live in “constant media” and that is all of us.

Mitt Romney’s video gaffe should serve as a warning to all those who live in “constant media” and that is all of us. Nothing we say or do is outside the public realm. Consider smart phones, webcams and public cameras. Unfortunately there are instances when you cannot avoid the media’s glare (we have been a victim of that) yet you must measure every public thought, post, picture and “like”.

To that end what is Romney thinking? Most of the 47% that he resents paid into the system, it is not charity. For the rest, we have an obligation to assist those in need. We are for all “life” especially those walking the earth.
Good luck Mitt, this is your Gerald Ford “Daily News” moment.

SEP 9 An open letter to Mitt Romney from a Christian.This is what you need to do if you want to be President.

An open letter to Mitt Romney from a Christian.This is what you need to do if you want to be President.

What Mitt Romney needs to do is to capture the dialogue and heart of America .Christians make up over 85% of the country! He needs to do the following immediately:

1.       Be clear, and take a firm stance, about protecting life. That means euthanasia, unnecessary military conflicts and most important, abortion.Every party loses when fifty four million babies have been lost since Roe v. Wade.There is not a rational soul who does not bear tremendous guilt when complicit with this act. Come up with a better way and slow down this holocaust. It affects the conscience of every Christian. Abortion is not an “issue” it’s filicide , plain and simple. We just heard Romney speak on “Meet the Press” and he totally waffled on this issue.He threw it back to the Supreme Court .Protect the poor, the indigent, the old and the unborn Mitt. That is how you inspire people beyond the “news cycle”.This is the type of game changer that you desperately need.It cuts beyond dollars and cents.
2.    Cease the talk about cutting entitlements, now!!! Obama has a clear lead on this issue and rightly so .The poor need to be helped. Block grants are nothing more than a clever way to take away sustenance to those who need it most. Spend less overseas and more at home. Protect those in Mississippi and West Virginia before you worry about Afghanistan, Israel or  developing nations. Put a lid on Paul Ryan, he sounds like a kid on Student government asking for more homework.He is scrambling your message,he is neither fish nor fowl.There is a reason that fooling with Medicare is called the “third rail” of politics.You will lose Florida ,and that loss will seal the deal for the opposition.
3.       Give us a clear plan to solve the foreclosure crisis and that may mean cutting mortgage balances “across the board”. That means every mortgage to some extent .In this sense every homeowner benefits.We bailed out the banks and GM now how about the common American..Without this vital move our economy is stalled in neutral. It would also inspire our European allies in that we are making the hard choices.Combine this with a comprehensive program to reduce student loan balances, thus encouraging education ,and you are making real strides.
                 We have much more to say and this is just a start .Also please stay off that boat, no one cares how much money you made in private equity. Given what happened in the economy over the last two decades it only raises more questions.
 These are the issues that affect those in the pews .They make up the overwhelming majority and their needs have to be addressed. It is impossible to succeed and to ignore our Creator.When you try to you are ultimately doomed to failure.

Congratulations Archbishop Timothy Dolan on your elevation to Cardinal.

Congratulations, Archbishop Dolan on you elevation to Cardinal. !!! We congratulate Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s elevation to Cardinal. Archbishop Dolan is truly a man who loves life, he radiates that glow in everything he does and says. As president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, he has taken a strong stance against Roe v. Wade and its effect on every aspect of our existence .This includes the latest controversy regarding the new federal edict mandating sterilization and contraception coverage in all health care plans.The fact is that beyond the beauty and pageantry that symbolizes a priest’s elevation as a Prince of the Church let us applaud what this man and so many clergy stand for, the right to live. This is a right that supersedes all other human rights.Yes Cardinal Dolan is a man who readily embraces and loves life and that is one of the reasons why he is so appealing. However let us also take a moment to realize and appreciate what that love for life actually means. Congratulations Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

via What a Smart Guy -Edward Strafaci.

What a Smart Guy -Edward Strafaci

What a Smart Guy -Edward Strafaci.

SHUNNING OVER-FAMILIARITY Book 1, Chapters 1-10 of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis – Cyber Library

Book 1, Chapters 1-10 of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis – Cyber Library: “DO NOT open your heart to every man, but discuss your affairs with one who is wise and who fears God. Do not keep company with young people and strangers. Do not fawn upon the rich, and do not be fond of mingling with the great. Associate with the humble and the simple, with the devout and virtuous, and with them speak of edifying things. Be not intimate with any woman, but generally commend all good women to God. Seek only the intimacy of God and of His angels, and avoid the notice of men.We ought to have charity for all men but familiarity with all is not expedient. Sometimes it happens that a person enjoys a good reputation among those who do not know him, but at the same time is held in slight regard by those who do. Frequently we think we are pleasing others by our presence and we begin rather to displease them by the faults they find in us.”

via What a Smart Guy -Edward Strafaci.

Imitation Of Christ Book1 ;Chapter 7 — AVOIDING FALSE HOPE AND PRIDE

VAIN is the man who puts his trust in men, in created things.Do not be ashamed to serve others for the love of Jesus Christ and to seem poor in this world. Do not be self-sufficient but place your trust in God. Do what lies in your power and God will aid your good will. Put no trust in your own learning nor in the cunning of any man, but rather in the grace of God Who helps the humble and humbles the proud.If you have wealth, do not glory in it, nor in friends because they are powerful, but in God Who gives all things and Who desires above all to give Himself. Do not boast of personal stature or of physical beauty, qualities which are marred and destroyed by a little sickness. Do not take pride in your talent or ability, lest you displease God to Whom belongs all the natural gifts that you have.Do not think yourself better than others lest, perhaps, you be accounted worse before God Who knows what is in man. Do not take pride in your good deeds, for Gods judgments differ from those of men and what pleases them often displeases Him. If there is good in you, see more good in others, so that you may remain humble. It does no harm to esteem yourself less than anyone else, but it is very harmful to think yourself better than even one. The humble live in continuous peace, while in the hearts of the proud are envy and frequent anger.

via What a Smart Guy -Edward Strafaci.